Take Control of Your Payments

The Bleyt Card reduces the exposure of your bank account to card charges, protects your privacy, and helps you manage how you make payments

Seamless Payment

Make transfers in and out the app with low transaction rates

Card to card transfers
Card to bank account
Card to Bleyt user
Transfers to any bank account

Online payments are safer when protected

The Bleyt card gives you the confidence of privacy protection, financial control and secured transactions which are defining ethos in the design of the financial solutions we offer at Bleyt.

Protect your Privacy

No longer do you need to expose the personal details tied to your card to make transactions. Now you can make payments without loosing your peace of mind.

Protect your Bank Account

Avoid deductions to your bank account from charges made on your card for payment of services and subscriptions you are no longer interested in.

Protect your Money Plans

Set rules for your card payments, schedule payments from your card, set transaction limit and choose when to terminate your card from further payments.