Make money move your way.

From wallets to physical or virtual cards, Bleyt is building an ecosystem of financial solutions to support individuals & businesses.

Supercharge your business

Take control with financial tools at your fingertips

For Individuals

Manage your payments with virtual and physical cards you fully control. You also get a mobile wallet to fund your cards and pay bills. Understand your expenses with loosing time.

For Businesses

Ease your customer onboarding process with identity verification and KYC compliance, create mobile wallets, offer card services and provide services for bill payments.

For Developers

Verify the identity of customers with their Bank Verification Number (BVN), be KYC compliant, fight fraud and onboard customers faster all through easy to use API.

Solutions for businesses and individuals

Identity Verification

Verify the identity of customers with their Bank Verification Number (BVN), be KYC compliance, fight fraud, and onboard customers faster.


Create and manage wallet accounts programmatically or through the dashboard without any worries. Better understand all transactions


Physical or Virtual? You get to choose, you are in the driver's seat.

Seamless Payment

Make transfers in and out of your wallet easily, card to card transfers from your virtual cards

Never worry about security, Your money is held by the bank

All banking services are provided by Providus Bank Limited. We’re serious about security, so we encrypt and protect account data to help keep your information safe.

Bank without Borders

Our platform works with a growing list of multiple financial service providers. It’s banking without being limited to a bank.

Robust Infrastructure

A highly available and scalable system to grow with your increasing business needs.