Better Financial Services for your Customers

Beyond the wallet service Bleyt provides your business customer onboarding, transfers, payments and transaction records.

Move money on your term

Bleyt Wallet service provides a simple to use Dashboard.

Learn more about moving money programmatically
Bank Agnostic

Our platform works with a growing list of banks and payment platforms. There’s no need to change your primary banking relationship to work with us.

Robust Infrastructure

A highly available and scalable system to grow with your increasing business needs.

Your customer, your brand

Maintain your branding and control your user experience with a system tailored to your business and customer needs.


Create Account

Open a wallet account for your business, which provides you with a business dashboard.


Onboard Customers

Onboard customers, verify their their identities and create wallets for each customer.


Transact at Scale

Transact from the dashboard by making wallet payments, transfer to customers and deliver more financial services.

Improve Customer Experience with Bleyt

Bleyt's Wallet service provides more than a financial transaction tool for your business.

Protect your Business

Verify the identity of your customers with our BVN 2.0 verification service for KYC compliance that reduces your operational risk.

Serve your Customers Better

Say bye to those excel sheets for managing your transaction records with a dashboard that provides a real-time record of your customer transactions.

Build Customer Loyalty

Provide financial services to keep your customers coming; an account for 3rd party transactions with debit cards to make ATM withdrawals.